EA-RS Group Academy & Innovation Hub

Our organisation has been developed by the inclusion and integration of the best trainees, industry experts, engineers, back-office staff, and our ability to attract the best people.

We have a culture of continuous learning and technical excellence which results in an unparalleled level of skills and a system of things that drives intelligent engineering, exceptional installations, and unparalleled customer service. Yet we know we can do more…

If we can be this driven and diligent, just wait and see what we can achieve through our celebrated Learning Academy – we will be unstoppable!



Our clients rely on our industry experience to consult with them and provide services around their existing fire safety requirements. We provide continuous updates on the latest technologies, delivery and serviceability of a constantly changing world.

Upholding Life Safety to Clients 

We need to ensure that life safety is continually upheld and our client’s fire systems are ready for operation at any given moment in time. In contrast to our drive for excellence, if we do not deliver on our promise and allow standards to drop, we are putting lives at risk!!

That’s why we set up our EA-RS Group Academy, to enhance and progress young intelligence, and to continue learning as engineers and as management.

We want every person within EA-RS Group to say they felt the impact of learning through the EA-RS Group Academy. Whether learning is achieved through Health and Safety, technical delivery or an upward trajectory through management positions, our goal is to learn from the best and to be the best! 

“Many thanks for your continued support on the International Quarter in providing management, design and installation of key works, namely the fire alarm systems across two building.​

We consider that direct procurement with your  company provides us with;​

  • Full ownership by EA-RS of all the works streams​
  • Flexibility and visibility of this key installation through the construction period​
  • Better end-user relationship with the direct installer not through a wrap MEP works​​

With your assistance and particularly the project team as a provider on the previous projects, we would like to continue the engagement with you on further IQL projects, forecasted to be circa 1.5M sq ft over the next 5 years.”​

Andrew Wring – Landlease