Are you and your business interested in joining EA-RS Group?

We are on a mission to expand our services and offer a complete ‘One Solution Offering’ for our customers. We are a one-stop business for all your fire and security needs, with national coverage.

Our dedicated Integration Support Team ensures a seamless process when merging your business. We have developed a 100-day plan that facilitates minimal disruption to your business, customers, and major stakeholders.

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If you’re interested in selling your business within the next 3-12 months, EA-RS Group is in a position to move quickly. However, if your plans are more long-term, it’s never too early to get in touch and discuss your options. Whatever your scenario, we can ensure any conversation is 100% confidential.

Since 2021, Rockpool Investments has provided EA-RS Group with acquisition funding. These funds enable us to continue our impressive growth journey through further mergers and acquisitions. In October 2022, Rockpool Investments granted EA-RS Group a refinancing package, providing capital to deploy our growth strategy.

Alan Wheal, CEO of EA-RS Group, said:

As a business, we have been very fortunate to have been able to employ some of the leading fire engineering, compliance and security professionals in the market to drive a culture of excellence that sets us apart. We look forward to working in partnership with Rockpool Investments to continue our buy-and-build strategy to consolidate the UK fire engineering and security markets, providing a home for like-minded businesses that share our ethos and have customer service at their core. We are excited about the acquisitions we have lined up and we are delighted to have Rockpool support us on this journey.

We remain committed to our growth strategy and if you are currently considering or have plans to exit via a partial or full sale, we would welcome a discussion, even if only to understand your options.

We are transparent with our merging process and will keep you in the loop every step of the way, we will always look to retain your staff and maintain the name and reputation your business has built.

After establishing key relations between our businesses, both commercially and culturally, an NDA will be put in place, enabling you to provide the relevant information required to value your business. Our offers are tailored to a deal structure suited to your business, whilst ensuring your IP is protected.

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    Over the years we have had the pleasure of building a very strong EA-RS support team.

    From being at our first Datacentre at Edgware as BACS to now, delivering critical engineering support Services across our three main Data Centre properties throughout the UK, Alan and his team have worked tirelessly to support us.​​

    With our evolution from BACS to Vocalink and more recently being acquired by MasterCard, EA-RS Fire Engineering has been our longest standing contractor and a trusted partner on our highly sensitive and secure sites.​​

    We are negotiating a 5year contract at present and hope to have many more years working with a great team of Engineers and managers from EA-RS

    Jim McGregor