EA-RS Group Gears Up for Second Annual Sales Conference: Celebrating Excellence and Collaboration

EA-RS Group Gears Up for Second Annual Sales Conference: Celebrating Excellence and Collaboration

EA-RS Group is excited to announce its Second Annual Sales Conference, scheduled for Monday, October 23rd. This significant event will unfold at the prestigious Wyboston Lakes in Bedford. The conference reflects EA-RS Group’s steadfast commitment to fostering collaboration and honouring outstanding achievements within its dedicated salesforce.

The Second Annual Sales Conference marks another milestone for EA-RS Group, bringing together sales members from all business units. It serves as a pivotal platform to promote cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing among the diverse units within the organisation. This collaborative spirit aligns seamlessly with the company’s core values and strategic goals.

EA-RS Group is delighted to acknowledge the invaluable support of its sponsors for this event. Honeywell, a leader in the industry, headlines the list of sponsors, highlighting their commitment to advancing excellence in the fire and security sector. The EA-RS Group extends its heartfelt appreciation to its silver sponsors: Videcon, Aico, and Jewel Fire, whose contributions have been instrumental in making this conference possible.


The Sales Conference promises an inspiring day filled with insightful sessions and discussions. The highlight of the conference will be the presentation of awards to deserving individuals and teams for their exceptional contributions. These awards include:

Highest Achievement to Target Award, proudly sponsored by Videcon.

Best Customer Solution Award, generously sponsored by Aico.

Best Success Story Award, with sponsorship from Jewel Fire.

Best Intercompany Collaboration Award, supported by Honeywell.

EA-RS Group is eager to celebrate the accomplishments and innovations of its salesforce while promoting a culture of excellence and teamwork.


For further information about the conference, please contact:

The Marketing Team at EA-RS Group

Email: marketing@ea-rsgroup.com

Phone: 0800 999 8866